Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Painting of Gates and Grills (Rejers). The do´s and don´ts.

Now that the temperatures have abated (at last!) here on the Costa Blanca the time is right to undertake the onerous task of painting the metal work on and around your house. So please find below a list of the do´s and don´ts of rejer painting as advised by us here at The Villa Painters based on our considerable experience of this type of work.

  1. Do used a brand of anti rust metal paint that is manufactured here in Spain (the paint store will advise you) and not the brand that is imported from the U.K. As the viscosity is too high to be effective in the climate here on the C.B.
  2. Do rub down all rust spots with a wire brush and also apply a rust inhibitor to any persistent area of rust before applying the metal paint.
  3. Do dilute the material by at least 10% with white spirit (aguarras) before painting as this speeds up the working time and improves the finish look.
  4. Don´t assume that the best form of coating metal is to paint with “thick paint” as this is a common misconception of most amateur painters. If you wish a thicker finish you should paint a second coat which by using diluted paint which will dry almost immediately will be achievable almost immediately.
  5. Do paint with little sponge rollers as it is much quicker than brushed and will supply a superior finish. You can use a small brush to paint the areas that are inaccessible with the rollers
  6. Do work with some background music playing or with headphones to supply same. You will find that this speeds up production considerably. “Music While You Work” To which I refer you to previous blog re the Transistor Radio
  7. Don´t attempt rejer painting in months with an r as it is too hot. Even the beginning os September can be problematic.
  8. Lastly do keep reducing the paint you are working with as after only a few minutes the spirit will have evaporated and the paint will be thickening as you work.

Good luck with all of the above and remember that another option to undertaking this tiresome and onerous task is to contract us at The Villa Painters to paint the metal work of your house and marvel at how speedily we complete same and how happy we are at our work.

Also you should be aware that during the winter months we offer this service at considerably discounted prices which allows you the customer to get on with your life and not be bothering with rejer painting.