Friday, 26 March 2021

It´s not an apple or a pear nor is it a lemon.

It is however the name of the telephone supplier that contrived to lose 
The Villa Painters their home/office telephone number of some nine years standing, because of not supplying the correct procedural information regarding Telefonica and a house move.

In the first instance of course this caused confusion and inconvenience and necessitated that all existing clients and family and friends were contacted and informed of the new number and the reason for the change explained.
Secondly it was then realised that it was too late to change the number in the advert in the current edition of the Focus on Professional Services Magazine (sister publication of Female Focus)

So if you saw the ad in the FOPS Magazine and dialed the old home/office number and were put off by the phone being answered by the Spanish woman who now has the number (doesn´t paint houses apparently) please try again with the new number.

965 047 973

Or the existing mobile number 627 806 661 and email address

Lastly and as if to confirm the veracity of the old adage that bad things come in threes it came to mind that the recently purchased box of business cards was also now surplus to requirements.

Oh dear!

Anyone have a use for a box of house painters business cards with the wrong phone number?

Suggestion please to customer services manager of the telephone supply company that is not an apple or a pear…………..