Saturday, 28 August 2021

Scrubbing the Decks

Everyone loves the luxurious look and texture of a wooden decking swim pool or patio surround it adds a touch of class to an area which can otherwise have an appearance which leaves a lot to be desired.

However many people are discouraged from installing these as they fear there will be a lot of maintenance involved and whereas it is undoubtedly true that wooden decking will require more care than for example ceramic tiles, if the maintenance is carried out on a regular schedule and not left for years until it presents a costly and time consuming problem there is no reason why the upkeep of decking should be any disincentive to its installation.

The trick to maintaining the appearance of wooden decking (as with other items such as wooden window frames and venetian windows and doors) is to establish a regular upkeep programe on a bi or tri yearly intervals and to employ a professional and experienced paint company such as The Villa Painters  to carry out a thorough renovation of firstly removing all old and flaking wood treatment and then applying two coats of a quality wood treatment such as Jotun Trebit.

The fortunate home owners can then enjoy their beautiful wooden decking and of course the admiring comments of friends and neighbours.